With Miles of Snow -  A. J. Windless
My friend, Geoffrey, who lives in central Oregon, visited his mom on the seaside of the state for Christmas. He was planning on staying longer, but he heard about the snowstorm that hit the mountains and left Christmas afternoon for fear he would not get through the pass if he waited too long. Notice that there are no tracks on the road. There's something very special about making tracks on virgin snow in a winter wonderland! I once did that jogging at 5 a.m. in City Creek Canyon in Utah. I knew I was the only person who was in the canyon, and the only person as yet to see and feel that magical peace. Every other video and every other photo on my website I took myself, but this one comes to you courtesy of my friend. Thank you, Geoffrey! The music you hear is an excerpt from "In a Cone" (perfect for this scenery) which I wrote and recorded myself. The featured female vocalist is Athalie. To hear the full song  (click here)
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