"In a Cone"  [ Official M V ]  A. J. Windless (feat. Athalie)
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Twenty-four years ago I wrote "In a Cone" as a poem and printed it inside of a gift card with this photo on the front. During the Holiday Season people paid good money to buy this card by the boxful and mail it to family and friends. Today you are very lucky, because not only have I now written music for this poem ( with the lead vocal so eloquently performed by Athalie) but also because this video includes, not just one photo, but image after image of my breathtaking Utah winter photography. And now you have the very special opportunity that my patrons from twenty-four years ago did not have, you can send this link to all of your family and friends without spending a single penny! So let's get this heart warming message out to everyone! This Holiday Season send this video to everyone you know!
Merry Christmas,        A. J.
 I captured this photo in 1991 in southern Utah. A few years later as I was going through my images I began thinking about the seeds that were tucked away deeply inside of this cone protected from the snow, animals, and other destructive forces. Even after the cone falls to the ground the seeds cannot take root and grow until a forest fire comes through and burns the cone. I pondered this incredible phenomena and I became inspired to write a poem about how winter brings us closer together as we gather inside near the fireplace with our friends and family, sharing stories, hot drinks, and laughing. I could see that, like the seed inside the pine cone, we are best insulated from the destructive forces of stress by our circle of family and friends. I was working a day job, but outside of work, for the next month I became obsessed with writing this poem, spending every waking moment thinking about it, unable to sleep at night as thoughts for words continued to race through my head. As you read this poem you would never know it, the wording sounds so simple and reads so smoothly, but that was exactly the point, I wanted it to have perfect rhythm, strong rhyming, smooth flow, and to be very clear and precise. I paid a local printer to create two gift cards and printed the poem on wedding paper which I inserted into the cards, selling them from a number of gift shops across the Salt Lake Valley and even several stores in other states. Over the years I have tried setting this poem to music and came up with dozens of melodies, but none of them seemed fully worthy of these beautiful lyrics. Never really satisfied, about three years ago I sat down anew with my guitar and word by word began experimenting with which note would sound best next. I began recording this song a few months ago and about a week ago I got Athalie to come in and sing the lead vocal. This song makes a perfect Season's Greeting card, but it continues to be a great song to listen to throughout the year, both during the winter snows, and as a mental relief from the sweltering summer heat.

Double ponderosa pine cones amid spreading green needles covered with snow.

(Above: The second image that was used for the two note cards that I printed for "In a Cone".)
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