Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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A sunset view of The Great Salt Lake and Antelope through the bare aspens at a time when she still had water.
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When She Still Had Water
March 1, 2000   Film:  Fujichrome 50
Recently there was an article in the newspaper about the Great Salt Lake. The lake typically goes through a seven year wet cycle followed by a seven year dry cycle. Since the lake is quite shallow, how much water runs into it really has a dramatic effect on its overall size. The current dry cycle combined with a higher population and more water usage than ever before has dried up the lake to the point that it has gotten the full attention of the Utah lawmakers. In the middle of all these discussions, the Utah National Guard brought in several Black Hawk helicoptors and gave lawmakers an ariel tour of the lake. Most of them came back saying that it was much worse then they had realized, making comments like, "There no longer is an Antelope Island, it's just all one land mass now." My photo above shows the lake in the year 2000 when it had much more water. You can clearly see Antelope Island in the lower right of the picture. For more about the lake see "The Road to the Lake" (click here) and "What Once Was" (click here)
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