Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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I looked up and caught my breath as a ray of sunshine broke through the storm exposing the trees frocked with fresh snow.
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From the Tops of the Mountains
Sept 22, 2017   f/22   1/25 second
I looked up and took a deep breath. A ray of sunshine had broken through and exposed the trees frocked with newly fallen snow. Those who have lived near mountains understand that the snow does not always fall evenly over the entire mountain. If you stay far down in the valley below it may often look that way, but especially in the spring and fall, often only the tops of the mountains will get dusted with snow while the valleys will remain dry. For every 1000 feet you climb it gets 3 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler. That means that if during the heat of a hot August day you climb from Salt Lake City to the top of the nearest rugged peak, Mt. Olympus, you will be about 15 degrees cooler. Some days it will be cold enough to snow at the top of the mountain, but half way down the mountain all that snow has turned to rain. This temperature change is why deer move to the higher elevations during the summer (which also helps them get away from all the crazies.) Then as shown in this picture (click here) winter and her deeper snows will drive them back into the valley below. 
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