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The Big Squeeze
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The Big Squeeze
I inadvertantly outflanked these deer, cutting off their escape route to the mountains, making them appear trapped between myself and the city. This is the view of Mother Winter as she gazes down upon these mule deer. Every year they are squeezed between civilization and her advancing snows. Before man arrived this valley was the winter feeding ground for deer, elk, and many other species, as the average snowpack at the nearby ski resorts reaches over 10 feet, burying all the grasses and small shrubs and forcing most deer out of the higher elevations. When man first arrived he was content to fill the valley with his houses, then more recently his houses began crawling up onto the mountainsides as well. The deeper the snow gets the more deer are forced down into people's yards to forage for food. Occasionally the Division of Wildlife Services is called in to tranquilize a moose or a cougar, the former so big and difficult to move that they are usually airlifted by helicoptor to other locations. The "Big Squeeze" as I have called it, is not a local problem, but a serious threat for all the wildlife on our planet. Photo taken above Salt Lake City, Utah, on Dec. 1, 1991. Film: Kodachrome 64.
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