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Where are the most beautiful girls in the world?
The Most Beautiful Women in the World
Years ago, if you had taken the most beautiful girls in America, girls like Cheryl Ladd and Christie Brinkley, and compared them to the most beautiful girls in Thailand, the Americans would have won. The Thais would have played with a little bit of a handicap though ... they  all had the same color of hair, and the same color of eyes. There were no blue-eyed blonds or green-eyed red heads lighting up with smiles in the land of elephants.

I once dated a Thai girl that was about to color her hair, and as she looked at the color samples I asked, "Why don't you color your hair blond?" She replied, "Because I would look like a foreigner." She felt that would be demeaning. Since then the Thai pop stars have blazed new trails for them. More and more girls are coloring their hair blond, and red, and wearing colored contacts. It wasn't acceptable to look like a foreigner, but it is acceptable to look like a pop star. Now it is even hip for young girls to color their hair grey. And plastic surgery is spreading like a virus, as girls sculpt their noses into that same western look that they once shunned away from. Thai grandmas must be going nuts as they watch the erosion of traditional Thai culture and some of the things that their granddaughters are doing.

But let's talk about an elephant of a different color. If you compare beautiful girls per capita, Thailand would win that one hands down (and up, and sideways.) Too many Americans, with their fast food and bucket-sized soft drinks, have begun to look just as big as their drinks. In contrast, Thai girls eat very little. If  you simply want to see masses of beautiful women, just come to Bangkok. College aged women and recent graduates come from all over the kingdom to work and study in the City of Angels.

And beautiful girls quickly find boy friends with lots of money. One of the reasons they are so attractive is because they spend so much money on themselves: clothing, jewelry, make-up, getting their hair done, plastic surgery, and skin care (including making their skin whiter.) The shopping malls are full of them. I have been in places like Central Lad Prao when I thought I was seeing more beautiful girls per capita than any other place in the world. Just down the street from a large university, most of the shoppers were girls, all in the prime of their beauty. And unlike their western counterparts, the vast majority of them were slender and well kept. At times I have seen more beautiful girls in one hour than I thought I would see in a life time.

Once, while I was working at a local school, a couple of brothers arrived as new teachers from the states. They were just beside themselves with how many beautiful girls there were here. One said, "If you are at the mall, and a beautiful girl walks by, you don't even have to turn your head as she goes by, because there is already another one coming the other way." Even our female teacher from Germany was astounded, and perhaps with a bit of jealously exclaimed, "They are all beautiful!"

So if you ever get bored, just pack your dogs into a plane, and come for a visit.

(This article was originally written as an email to my brother who lives in the states with his five Siberian Huskies.)

(Above photo: The Thais call beautiful girls who represent companies and promote their products in public, "Pretties". I took this photo of "Gan" at the Motor Show in Bangkok as she promoted Krungsri Bank. If you cared enough to read this far, you will definitely will want to see my gallery "Thailand: Beauftiful Women".
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