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Beautiful Thai Model
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    Beautiful Women: Thailand    
As an artist, I have spent many hours in front of beautiful scenes capturing images of just how beautiful Thailand can be. I feel my work would not be complete if it did not include one of Thailand's most beautiful treasures, it's women. Even though I am primarily a nature photograher, I live and work in Bangkok. Occasionally I find stunning images of butterflies, flowers, and Wat Pra Geaw, but without question the most productive approach for capturing beautiful images inside metropolitan Bangkok is the opportunity to photograph the lovely Thai women. I have had idle thoughts about this gallery for several years, and this past year for the first time I did something about it when I photographed the “Miss Hi Tech 2011” pageant. While I got several good photos out of that pageant, I am convinced that I can do better. So as of today, November 29, 2011, I start this project in earnest. I will not quit until I have 20 images that demonstrate to the world just how beautiful Thai women can be! So watch this gallery improve month to month! I promise it will keep getting better! (Above: One of the beautiful Thais promoting PTT at the 2012 Bangkok International Auto Salon)
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