Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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Everything Has a Reason
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Everything Happens For a Reason
The child of an accident, this image is the most beautiful mistake I have ever made. At the end of March 1997, I photographed claret cup cactus in southern Utah. That same week I made a trip up Little Cottonwood Canyon to try for a evening shot of White Pine Lake. I was using Kodachrome 64 in a film camera. Unlike the digital cameras you use today, I never had any preview of what my photo would look like until after the film was developed. I still don't know how my image got double exposed. Perhaps I wanted to change from Kodachrome to Fujichrome and later when I re-inserted the Kodachrome I forgot to wind the film forward, or I may have remembered but wound it forward to the wrong spot. I must say, quite by accident the composition of these two images fit together perfectly,  and quite by accident the exposures fit together gorgeously. Some of the flowers seem to be peering at us from under the water. This image gives clear support to the expression, "Everything happens for a reason."
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