Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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A lone maple, arrayed in the red leaves of fall, overlooks a remote Utah mountain lake.
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Canoe Country
September 25, 2019    f/22   1/15 second
While I studied at the University of Utah, as many as five of us shared the main floor of a house in the Avenues.  One of my roomates bought a big silver canoe and a would tie it upside down along the top of his little yellow Chevy pick-up truck. (It took the entire length of the truck, and maybe then some.) . We got talking about it, and decided to go canoeing together. He would bring his girl friend, Sandee, and I would invite Toni, a girl I had just met down at temple square.  We arrived at her house and I went in to pick her up. Now Toni was what I would call a "knock-out". So much so, that when she stepped out the door, as Lon later told me, his jaw dropped so far that his girl friend reached over and lifted his jaw back up into place for him.

We arrived at this cozy little lake pictured above, which has three arms spreading out north, east, and south.  There is a trail that runs above the south arm, and Toni and I walked along this trail while Lon and Sandee canoed to the end of the east arm and back. I brought my guitar. We sat down along the trail and I played and sang a few songs for her, including "Colour My World". When Lon and Sandee returned we took our turn at canoeing, after which we all had a lakeside picnic together. Toni enjoyed "Colour My World" so much, that the next time I arrived at her house she begged me to play the song for her mom.

You often hear people talk about "the good ole days." For me, those were indeed my "good ole days." Days when I had roomates, lived with them, did things with them, rather than living alone.
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