Al J. Dakota  
Fire Dove Atop a Brick Wall
Is This the Same Bird?  (Page 5)
What a small world it is. I wondered if the dove I took to the clinic might be the same one that sang in my music video. Some have wondered where the I got the birds singing in the introduction to my song. One morning at dawn, when the light was soft,  I went down to the pool area to film myself playing guitar. I couldn't help but notice the cheerful singing of the birds around the pool area and that's when I decided to create an introduction using the voice of the birds. I spent an hour the following morning searching and recording the happy singing of birds, and then the next day I repeated the process. It didn't take me very long to decide that the calling of the doves was my favorite, and I began specifically looking for dove calls. Originally (before massive changes) the intro was only 12 seconds long and featured a dove in striking counterpoint with a higher pitched song bird. Two weeks later I found this little guy with a broken wing next to the same swimming pool. Now I couldn't help but wonder if he was the same bird that had sent me the soft music I had been looking for.
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