Al J. Dakota  
Dove Lift-Off from Boardwalk.
To Fly or Not to Fly  (Page 4)
I had not purchased a cage or carrying box of any kind, so the next day I showed up at the clinic carrying a little dove in my hands. The front desk had two English words for me, "Cannot treat." So I asked if there was another clinic nearby that could treat him. They referred me to a second clinic and gave me directions on how to get there. I arrived and sat in the waiting room. A woman carrying a cat in a cage arrived, and she came over to see my dove. She said it was a "Fire Dove" and that the bird I had in my hands was a male. She, herself, had a female that had fallen out of the nest when it was a baby and couldn't fly. She said that it was an endangered species. I said, "But there are many of them around my nieghborhood." She said that previously they had been endangered. I will spare you the gruesome details, but I continued to wait for some time when it became apparent there were animals with much more urgent needs than my dove's broken wing, so much so, that if circumstances didn't change I would never get in to see the veterinarian. My bird began to get pretty restless, I had been holding him for a long time, so they were kind enough to bring us a little carrier that I could put him in. Eventually we arrived at the examining table and I was really happy to hear that they would be able to mend his wing after all. Furthermore, they had a rehabilitation program they could put him in. That was great! He would be taken care of by professionals and he would be returned to the wild (I have always found Bangkok kind of wild, lots of laughs.) Now the only question was how much was this going to cost me? Nothing, they told me, but I was welcome to make a donation to their rehabilitation program. When I asked about it they suggested that most people usually donated about 1,000 baht. I was actually relieved to contribute 1,000 baht to their cause. That seemed so much a better solution than looking after him for the rest of his life. I walked out of the clinic excited that my endangered dove would soon fly again.
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