Al J. Dakota  
Dove with wing in a cast.
On the Mend  (Page 5)
A few weeks later I checked in the to see how my endangered dove was doing. It was encouraging to see that he actually did have a cast on his wing. The main reason I came, however, was because I wanted to see him fly again, so I began to ask when he would be released. To my surprise they said that not only could I be there, but I could be the person to set him free. Now I know that animals seem to have a built in guidance system, and that if he was released at the clinic there's a pretty good chance he would find his was back to his old neighborhood, but it occurred to me that it would be much better if I could release him exactly where I found him. That way he would be sure to be home, after all, he might have a mate with a nest full of chicks that needed his help. With excitement, I began to look forward to watching him fly again.
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