This is ther banner for poet, photographer, writer, and songwriter A. J. Windless. On this page you will see the sketch of Jesus Christ he did during his beginning drawing class. 
My sketch of Jesus Christ which I did in my Beginning Drawing Class. This is the website of poet, photographer, writer, and songwriter, A. J. Windless. 
My Sketch of Jesus Christ
My mother tried her hand at some oil paintings and was constantly dabbling in different crafts. All of her boys seemed to have been born with a flair for art. Paul drew quite well and every year got paid for painting Christmas deorations on people's windows. To this day Daniel is still winning first places at model airplane meets for his fine craftsmanship, designs, and paint work. In grade school my artwork was in the top ten percent of my class, but my gift got lost in the shuffle as I moved on to high school. I had no art classes there and I got heavily involved with things like sports and chess, while also helping my dad out quite a bit with his bicycle shop and his garden. While at university I splashed briefly back into art  taking a "Beginning Drawing" class worth one credit (held once a week for 10 weeks at a local community college.) The next quarter I followed suite with a water color class. So I doodled for a total of about 20 hours in class but never did any drawing or  painting again until last month when I drew the cartoons for my music video "Clock Me Out" (click here) The potrait above was sketched during my Begining Drawing class. I didn't draw it free hand, that is, without something to look at, but the original was in color and was done so professionally that it looked more like a photograph.
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