A. J. Windless
My first water color painting, that of a Harrier Hound
 Hound Knows Best
In my watercolor class this was my first painting, modeled after a photograph, probably from a magazine. In this attempt I did a lot of things surprisingly well and there were many things I was completely happy with, while there were also a few things that came out looking like I needed some more practice. In the original painting the right side of his nose looked washed out and lopsided. I'm not sure why I painted it that way, perhaps I was trying too hard to paint it exactly the way it looked in the photograph. It's possible that the photograph was over exposed in the highlighted area of the nose, and it's also possible that the white markings on that side of his nose were not symmetrical with the other side. Whatever the reality or the reason, the result appeared as if I didn't know what I was doing. As an artist, if portraying something exactly as it is doesn't work, then you have got to be willing to make changes. Before publishing my work here I decided to go in and do some touch up work on that highlighted side of his nose. I reduced the white patch and made it more symmetrical to the opposite side. Then, whether it was that way in the original photograph or not, I put a touch of color into that white patch so that it didn't look completely washed out and flat.
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