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Yucca trees beautifully front the blue waters of Lake Wakatipu with its back drop of cloud carressed mountains.
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Lake Wakapitu
March 30, 2012   f/11   1/200 second
With it's mountains the South Island is the more dramatic of the two islands, very large and quiet. Sometimes I drove for an hour without even seeing another car. The west coast reminds me a lot of the northwest coast in the United States. A mountain chain runs north and south along the coast bottling up the clouds coming in from the Tasman Sea and forcing them to dump their moisture into the rain forests, but as soon as I reached the ridgeline I found it  it quite sunny with more of a desert climate. As a  photographer I have a passion for fall colors, so I explored New Zealand in March and April, which on the upper side of the globe would be the equivalent of September and October. But like many other places I have ventured, I found  for my camera's appetite some good yellows, but very few reds. What I did find was lots of wildlife, especially along the coast with it's penguins, seals, sea lions, and even albatross. I am currently thinking about seperating the birds out of my  "Wildlife"  gallery and creating a new gallery just for the birds (no pun intended.) For those of you who love animals, this gallery will always be another place where you can find some of my wildlife art.
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