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The feathers of two turkey come together creating a beautiful mosaic.
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Turkey Mosaic
Sept 18, 2014    f/8   1/800 second
Have I lost my mind? Purusing through my photos, what always catches my attention about this photo is that these two turkeys have brought their heads together, the one in front looking straight ahead, while the one in back is looking to the right. I think that image would get the attention of most viewers for a few seconds, but I never felt it was strong enough to publish to my website. Today I took notice of the mosaic appearance of the feathers on the bodies of the big birds. If I published the picture with the heads it would be hard to appreciate the beauty in the feathers, so I debated weather to publish both pictures, or to publish one picture with the heads, or one picture without the heads. I know, next month is Thanksgiving when millions of turkeys will be served on dinner tables, but, lots of chuckles, I cut the heads off of these two turkeys a month early. Hope you enjoy!  (Utah, Wastch Mountains)
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