Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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Mt. Timpanogas
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Fall Colors at Mt. Timpanogas
Oct. 1, 2014   f/22, 1/60 sec
Some say that Mt. Timpanogas resembles a sleeping maiden. From this angle the foreground mountain obscures part of the view, but you can see the head on the far right and the feet to the far left. Some references say that this mountain is named after the Timpanogas tribe, but because "timpanogas" translated means "rock canyon"  (there is a very high and narrow rock canyon leading along the base of this moutain and up to the plateau that I am standing on) I think it is more likely that the tribe became known after their location rather than the location named after the tribe. The Timpanogas tribe inhabited the area when the Mormon pioneers arrived, and would later be subjects of the Battle Creek Massacre at present day Pleasant Grove (March 10, 1849)  followed by the Battle at Fort Utah on the Provo River (February 1850.)
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