Nature photographer A. J. Windless 
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In the distance last sunlight breaks under the clouds and illuminates rain falling across the mountain.
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Sunset Rain
Nevada   October 4, 2015   f/4.8   1/1250 second   
Dark clouds ruled the earth and it seemed that night had already arrived, but as I descended out of the canyon I looked across the valley and saw the last of the sunlight shine through an opening between the clouds and the earth, magically illuminating the rain as it fell across the scene in front of me. I frantically looked for a place to pull my car over and then stepped out into the strong gusts that ripped across the valley. You don't usually see me using shutter speeds this fast, but even as my camera sat on the tripod it vibrated with the wind. I needed to wait for a small break in its strength and I needed a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the shaking. (The only thing I did to this image was crop it. I wanted you to see this event exactly as it appeared to me.There are no other adjustments of any kind, no color balance, no exposure adjustment, no enhancement of any kind.)
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