A.J. Windless and Silent Nature
Remembering Strawberry Fields Forever
Thais love strawberries. I find that surprising since any of the strawberries I can find here, from nightmarkets to supermarkets, are terrible. That the strawberries here are bland shouldn't be surprising, since generally speaking Thailand is too hot to grow delicious strawberries. For decades the Thais have tried growing strawberries in the northern provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where production peaks in the winter months of January and February. They first began importing strawberries from the U.S. and then tried other varieties from China and Japan. When they do have successful crops they face the addtional challenge of getting them all the way to Bangkok in the heat without the strawberries becoming too mushy and squashed. Of course, most farmers just ship them too green, and although the berries will eventually turn red, they will never taste like a freshly picked strawberry  ripe off of the vine. This problem is not unique to Thailand, however, we have the same problem in the U.S. (and not only with strawberries, but with most other fresh fruits.) For those of you who have never picked a strawberry ripe off of the vine, you have no idea just how delicious a strawberry can really be. When I was a child  my parents had a garden that filled an entire lot. It was big enough to build a house and garage on and still have room for a sizeable yard both front and back. Along each outside edge of this garden we grew a full length strawberry patch, approximately 100 feet long by 10 feet wide. One was this year's crop which we were currenlty picking, and the other was next year's crop which we would pinch the blossoms off of so that multiple runners would fill the patch in. When this year's crop was finished we would spade it under, and before the arrival of winter we would cover over next year's crop with straw. In the summer we had a lot of strawberries to pick and my mom was busy cooking strawberry jam and putting it up on shelves in the basement for winter. With two freezers in the basement we also had plenty of room for the boxes she filled with fresh strawberries so that she could delight us with strawberry short cake any time of year. And we didn't just bite into just any variety of strawberry, we experimented and tried different varieties until we found one that was extraordinarily delicious. To this day, so many decades later, I can vividly recall and  equisitely savour the thousands of strawberrries that crumbled red and juicy all over my tongue while still kneeling there in our strawberry patch.
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