A. J. Windless
The Spirit Bear

In the Great Bear Rain Forest of British Columbia there roams to this day the legendary spirit bear, which is a white bear that was perceived by the First American tribes as so rare and so sacred that if they saw one they should not tell anyone, but should keep it a secret to themselves. That secrecy was probably the only reason this unique species of bear survived the great fur trapping years. This is not an albino bear. It is actually a black bear that carries a mutated gene, which some say was developed during the ice age. If both parents have the recessive gene the cub will be born white or cream, the same color as a polar bear. It's qutie interesting, since a black mother can have two white cubs, while a white mother can have two black cubs. Studies show that the white bears catch more salmon. Some speculate that they are better camouflaged because to the salmon in the stream they look like clouds over the water. If the salmon are expecting a little relief from the sun, I guess that's what they will get, their shades pulled down!

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    © 2002 A. J. Windless    
    First draft written and copyrighted in 1992