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The colors of the prism shine through a cloud
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Prism Colored Clouds
April 9, 2012   f/14   1/3200 second
After several attempts spread out over many years, I have finally captured this phenomenom for all to see. I have tried to explain it to people, but no one seems to have seen it, or to know what I was talking about. Many years ago I was working in downtown Salt Lake City, when in the middle of the afternoon we got the most incredible display of prism-colored clouds I have ever seen. The thicker clouds did not color, but around the edges there were thinner clouds that colored very dramatically and covered a huge section of the southwest sky. The colors in that display featured more red and orange than this, and I was quite disappointed that I niether had a camera with me, nor any access to an uncluttered view. On a couple of occasions, once at Capitol Reef, and once in Bangkok, I tried photograhing prism-colored clouds, but when I got the film back the colors were washed out despite the surrounding sky being exposed correctly. Sooner or later the time was going to be right. This time I was already out in nature, camera and tripod already in hand, photographing the ever amazing New Zealand, which now offered me one of my favorite old missed opportunities. And this time I had a digital camera and the incredible advantage of immediate feedback. Since the colors had washed out and disappeared in previous attempts, I knew I needed to underexpose to capture these colors. And checking the digital display on the back of my camera made it easy to make sure I got what I wanted.
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