Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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Snow Covered Plum Tree Blossoms
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Snow Covered Plum Blossoms
April 4, 1997   Film: Fujichrome 50
The Japanese are very fond of "Sakura" and even attach to the cherry blossoms a sacredness  that spills over into neighboring countries like Thailand. The malls here in Bangkok  sometimes celebrate Sakura by lining the aisles with artificial cherry trees. Many who see the image above ask if they are cherry blossoms. These plum blossoms do look very much like cherry blossoms, but those who know their fruit blossoms would be able to tell them apart. This photo was taken in the Salt Lake valley, and trust me, the fruit that comes from these trees would not be mistaken by anyone for the plums that are typically available in the supermarkets. I once was a meter reader walking through all the yards in the Salt Lake area, and I once picked a plum from a tree in Bountiful that was the most delicious plum I have ever tasted. It was yellow in color and shaped a little bit like a mango, of course any fruit that ripens on the tree is far more delicious than the same fruit that has been shipped to and purchased from the supermarket.
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