Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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Dramatically fanning leaves of a palm tree as fallen on an aging boardwalk.
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Permanently Grounded
December 30, 2018
"Navatara" translates "River Life" and our pool is built long and narrow like a river. Just inside the six buildings of Navatara, a boardwalk encircles the entire pool area and includes a large fitness center at one end and a lily pond at the other. Every day I spend about 20 minutes walking a number of times around this boardwalk. I always take my phone camera with me and I am constantly on the lookout for good photographs, . If I find something I really like that I think will still be there five minutes from now, I run upstairs and get my professional equipment. So some of these photos were taken with my phone, some of them with my camera ( I will leave you to guess which ones are which, and see if you can tell the difference.) Many of these photos were captured exactly as I found them, while others I composed by liftng the flower off the boardwalk and finding a new location for it. In no case, however, did I pick the flowers. The same concept is true throughout my website. I never pick flowers, nor do I pick colored leaves off of the trees.
Above: This palm branch fell from the trees onto our boardwalk. I didn't touch the branch and photographed it exactly as I found it, though I don't know if this where it originally fell. The maids may have already picked it up and then set it down here temporarily before removing it from the pool area.
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