Silent Nature Photographer A. J. Windless
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Brilliant autumn colors refect off the water of a small and peaceful Pennysylvania lake.
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Mother is Calling
October 1, 1992     Film: Kodachrome 64
Having jetted in from Salt Lake City, I fell asleep on the couch of my sister's living room. In the morning, as my mother began driving me to the home of my childhood, I asked her to stop at this quaint little state park. Heavy tripod in hand, I set up and captured the fading sunlight with color reversal film on perfectly reflective water. Then, having only one camera, I changed to color transparency film and captured this shot again as I heard my mother's voice calling for me from across the park. I asked her to wait a moment. In this image the water wasn't as perfectly still, as perfectly reflective, but the colors popped out better. What do you think, was this photo worth a few minutes of my mother's time?
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