Silent Nature Photographer A. J. Windless
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The pedals of this lotus flower stand out emphatically against bhe black shadows of the background.
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Out of the Darkness
June 16, 2011     f/5.6    1/400 second
Some will think that I replaced the background in this photo with solid black, but this background looks the way the camera recorded it. Have you ever taken a photo in direct sunlight and all the shadows came out black? If there is a high degree of contrast (much more light in one area than the other) the camera is not able to expose both areas correctly. If the well lit area is exposed correctly, the darker area will not get enough light and will appear black. That is not always a bad thing, sometimes it can be used to your advantage. In this photo the petals were up in the light, but the water and leaves were down in the shadows.  (Lotus flower, about a mile from my condo in Bangkok)
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