A. J. Windless 
Oympic Rower Waits for Ducklings to Cross
Australian Olympic rower Bobby Pierce was leading in the quarterfinals  of the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam when he heard a roar from the crowd ahead of him. He looked over his shoulder to see what all the commotion was about only to find that a mother duck was leading her string of ducklings directlly in front of him. He stopped and waited for her ducklings to slowly cross by giving Frenchman Vincent Saurin a chance to catch up, who not stopping for the ducks, passed him and had a five length lead on him before Bobby Pierce began rowing again. During the last 1000 meters Bobby Pierce passed the Frenchman and still won the quarterfinal. The single sculls event pits two rowers against each other and despite stopping and waiting for the ducks Bobby still finished with the fastest time of all the eight rowers who competed in the four seperate quarterfinal races.  Someone once said that we can judge a man's character by the way he treats animals. You will be delighted to know that Bobby Pierce continued onto the finals, not only capturing the gold medal but setting the world record for the 2,000 meter single sculls event. And if you believe in karma, Bobby's karma must have included some annual dividends because his world record would not be broken for an astounding 44 years.
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