This is the banner for "My Mother's Miracle" and tells the true story of how this incredible image was captured at my mother's funeral.
Church pews lit up by the sunlight coming through the stained glass windows. This page tells the story of how this magnificent image was captured at my mother's funeral.
 Mother's Miracle
The people in my home town said that my mother was a saint, as she often went to mass three times in one day, gave large sums of money to the church, and made perhaps 10,000 rosaries that she gave away. The Catholic church says that to be become a saint God’s will must be manifest through a verifiable miracle. With just  a little twinkle in my eye, I believe this photo is the miracle she needed. This phenomenal light I first photographed an hour after her funeral.  The stained glass windows, part of a remodeling job, and one of which beared her name, colored the light that illuminated these pews. I had just returned from the cemetery and observed the empty church while family and friends waited in the reception area downstairs. Over the next few days I returned to this scene five or six times, shooting 43 frames  before reaching the conclusion I had done the best that I possibly could. The miracle here was the unusual steadiness of my hands since I had flown no tripod home to my mothers funeral. Despite the unlner nerve palsy in my left hand I still managed to shoot this exposure quite sharply with a focal length of 75 mm at a shutter speed of 1/20 of a sercond. Under normal conditions a photographer needs a shutter speed that corresponds with his focal length, or in other words, even someone with a good left hand should have used at least 1/75 of a second. But that would have been too dark, and I had already pushed my F/stop and my ISO as far as I dared. I think mother was smiling down on me as I attempted to capture this scene, giving all of you a chance to appreciate this memorable gift.
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