Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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These Salt Lake City Blossoms are covered with the snow of a spring time storm.
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May Showers
May 27, 1995 Film: Fujichrome
Growing up in Pennsylvania we had four seasons, one of which was the season of rain and everything sprouting to life after a hard winter. This is when the first flowers would appear. We had a saying, which I'm sure many of you from the same type of climate have heard, "April showers bring May flowers." In Utah, which is a mountain state, we had at least one snowfall every May. I remember while I was attending the University of Utah, talking with a girl out if front of the Park Building, the first building you come to if you drive up to the University. It was 28 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing. I still remember clearly that just the day before it had been 80 degrees and sunny. That year it snowed once every week during the month of May. As pictured above, while  April showers may bring May flowers in most places,  in Utah May showers may well be snow showers.
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