A. J. Windless
How to be Happy
I recently watched a Jordan Peterson video in which he stated that over the last 20 years psychologists have been coming to the conclusion that "misery" and "self-centeredness" are the same word. The more we center our attention on our ourselves the more miserable we will be. On the other hand, the more we center our attention on the welfare of others, the happier we will be. As we think about others we tend to forget our own problems and our own problems just don't seem that big anymore. As I shared this quote with my brother, he told me about a lady that came to him several times as a chiropractic patient. She had everything, a good husband, a big expensive house, a beautiful car, and a lots of money, but she seemed unhappy and "miserable" to him. Two months passed, and when he saw her again she had completely changed. He learned that she had become involved in a volunteer program for disadvantaged children, and now, just as if someone had waved a wand over her head, she was vibrant and happy. A few years ago I published this related article, "What is Life All About?"  (click here)
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