Silent Nature Photographer A. J. Windless
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A cozy little home snuggled in behind all the beautiful flowers and yellow leaves.
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A Home in Eden
November 7, 2011     f/22   1/11   second
During the floods of 2011, the government closed  all the schools for a month, and sent the students and teachers packing. Escaping from the flooding and chaos in Bangkok, I flew to Sirathani. I viewed the crisis as just one big photo opportunity and spent most of the month photographing the magnificent provinces that surround that southern seaport. From a rented a motorcycle, I was exploring some of the country's nooks and crannies, when I discovered this cozy little home tucked away behind the impressive flowers and shubbery they had planted years earlier. As a people, we may have been evicted from the garden of Eden, but individually we can still try to recreate, as best we can imagine,  the peace and tranquility we left behind in that original paradise.
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