Happy New Year 2022!
I haven't been to Sanam Luang, or any of the really great fireworks displays for years. They do have fireworks around my neighborhood, but I usually don't do anything until I hear them starting up. Then I walk out onto my balcony, look at them for about a half a minute, and only then decide I should take some photos. But these aren't the huge city park displays, and they usually only last about 2 minutes. By the time I walk in, get my camera and tripod, come back out, and get set up, I'm usually lucky if I get two or three shots. This year was different. I heard some fireworks going off 10 minutes early, so I went out and looked, got my camera set up ahead of time, and waited. But the usual fireworks that go off right in front of my balcony, more than ever, evaded me. I heard a few go off in front of my building, but I never have figured out how to photograph around the corner of a building. I also saw a few go off in various places in the distance. But as Murphy's Law would have it, Waterside Restaurant, or whoever it was that puts off the fireworks in front of my balcony, just wasn't feeling very festive this year. Well, have a Happy New Year, anyway! I wish you the best of health and luck in the coming year!
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