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Sophisticated water fountain that dances in ways that stagger the imagination.
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The Art of Dancing Water
January 24, 2013     f/22    Lens: 28 mm
Referred to by the Thais as "Nam Pru" (water fireworks) this fountain takes me back to my childhood when my family would gather together in the car and drive around town looking at the Christmas lights. We marveled at all the different designs and color patterns, as every house was different from the last, and every year was different from the year before. This water fountain, however, takes colored lights to a whole new level, a dimension that astonishes the imagination, as the water dances in sophisticated patterns, sometimes a few inches high, sometimes a few stories high, all the while changing color patterns and in complete synchronization with classical music, having a repertoire of about fifty songs that usually run in rounds of ten. I am amazed at the engineering genius, as streams of water explode like fireworks in mid-air, but then somehow continue straight up as if never interrupted. One should not be surprised then, that engineered and constructed by a European company, the water fountain alone hoisted a price tag of 55 million baht, the same price tag as about 5 large luxury homes in the Bangkok area.
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