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A beautiful little squirrel nibbles away at the cone that protects its seeds.
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Sept. 22, 2015  Nikon D90, 300 mm

High in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, winter is at the doorstep, and this handsome young squirrel busily prepares for the snow that will bury the branch he is now perched upon, as well as some of the branches above him, for the next six months. Where I grew up we had two kinds of squirrels, the smaller "red squirrel" that usually stuck to the pine and hemlock forests, and the larger "grey squirrel" which also came in shades of black and brown. Grey squirrels weighed about a pound each and if cooked properly were quite delicious. One small game season I found a hot spot near our home and was able to bring a couple at a time for mom to put on the dinner table.  Red squirrels on the other hand were too small, and rumor was they were not really edible. There was another species, the "fox squirrel" which could weigh up to 3 pounds, but they were found mostly in the southern part of Pennsylvania. In Utah I saw mostly what looked like relatives of the red squirrel, though I did capture a nice image of a grey squirrel near Buckhorn Wash. In Bangkok I frequently see squirrels running across the power lines, and in the jungles I sometimes see white squirrels, but the squirrels here have skinny tails and are not as handsome as this little guy.

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