The Art of Winter: A Falle Tree Trunk Frocked with Snow
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With thousands of miles of shoreline, Lake Powell at sunset would take an eternity to explore.
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An Eternity to Explore
November 30, 1994    Film: Fujichrome 50
Lake Powell, formed by the Glen Canyon Dam in 1963, has 2,000 miles of shorelinee, with 96 major canyons, some of which are 15 to 20 miles in length.  A photographer could spend his entire life exploring and preserving images of Lake Powell. The government originally planned to construct the dam at Echo Park, near Dinosaur National Monument, but the Sierra Club successfully fought the contruction, saying the park was too beautiful and too valuable to submerge.  In a compromise, David Brower of the Sierra Club agreed to move the dam to the Glen Canyon Area. But Brower had never seen Glen Canyon. Later when he took a river trip through the area and saw the numerous canyons of colorful Navajo Sandstone, the natural bridges, the wildlife, and the great abundance of Native American archeology,  he was convinced that this was the stuff that national parks were made out of, and that the river should run free. He would later say that not preserving the Glen Canyon area, and allowing the dam to be built there, was his life's most regrettable failure.
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