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Dove I Dub Thee
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 Dove, I Dub Thee  (Page 10)
Since day one people have been asking me what my dove's name is. Every time I contacted the vet, they would ask, "The name?" I wasn't sure whether they meant my name or the bird's name, but came to understand they were asking for the bird's name. Well, that's quite simple, he's a wild bird and he doesn't have a human designated name. And since my only hope was that they would repair his wing and he would return to the wild, I had made no plans to name him. Once I brought him home to stay, however, I slowly began searching for something to call him other than "Little Bird" or "Little Buddie". I wanted something with at least a little humor in it, but was"Walker"  for a bird that can't fly demonstrating a poor sense of humor? One day I was crossing the bridge at Fashion Island when I noticed that one of the peddlers was selling an umbrella with "Peanuts and Woodstock" on it. It had been decades since I had seen or heard anything of the name of the bird in the Peanuts cartoon. "Woodstock" was perfect! A name with both a sense of humor and a classic background that represented exactly what he was.... a little bird. I chuckled to myself as I realized that while I continue to work on my music a lot of people would think I that I named him after the famous rock concert.
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