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Feathers of the Red Collared Dove
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 Don't Pull My Hair Out!  (Page 11)
Each night when it is time to bring Woodstock in from the balcony I have needed to corner him and catch him with my hands. When I do I usually try to calm him, talking to him quietly and petting him for awhile, trying to let him know that I mean him no harm. I can understand his resistance, after all I took him to a vet who kept him in a cage for a month in a room that was poorly lit and full of foul orders. They handled him with their hands and inflicted pain to his already tender wing when they tried to set the bone, and then they forcibly put a cast on his wing which he had to wear for the duration of that month. So, even aside from his natural survival instincts, why wouldn't he be afraid of any human that tried to handle him? I found that even though I had looked after him for quite sometime now, he would still try to run from me when I brought him in at night. One night I had my hands around him just as he made an unexpected burst to escape. Because he was already in my grasp I instintively grabbed at him as he tried to escape. I was successful in retaining him, but in the process I noticed that he lost a handful of feathers. I worried whether that was painful, and whether his feathers would grow back, so I did a little research. Most birds shed their feathers every six months to a year, so the good news was that, yes, his feathers would grow back. The bad news is that losing a feather accidently is both painful and dangerous. There are blood vessels that connect through the feather, and if a bird loses a main feather he can bleed to death. From that moment on I decided I would no longer handle him or catch him like that, but instead put his cage out on the balcony as it started to get dark.  He would usually go inside of his own accord, then I could merely carry the cage indoors without having to corner him or catch him.
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