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Delicate Arch with a Double Rainbow 
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Delicate Arch with a Double Rainbow
April 2, 1992  Film: Kodak 24
One of stone, two of light, as Mother Nature fuses three arches. I was at Delicate Arch with my friend, Doug Reel, several other parties present, when it began to rain. Everyone wanted to leave, including Doug, a reasonable thing to do since we had no raincoats nor cover of any sort in which to hide. Looking around I felt the rain would be short lived and informed Doug I would be staying. Sure enough my efforts were rewarded when a rainbow began to form. I fired a few frames and came to the end of the roll of film, only to see the rainbow grow. I was using a brand new camera, its first trip, scarcely out of the box, yet I wanted this image so desperately that I changed the film in a wind that was driving both sand and rain. Someone once called capturing this event "luck". I don't deny for a moment that I was very fortunate to capture this natural history moment, yet, at the same time, if a person spends as much time in the field as I do he is bound to get some very special magic. If I hadn't been here at Delicate Arch that day, perhasps I would have been somewhere else capturing another image just as impressive.
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