Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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A Chilling Fog
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A Chilling Fog
Dec. 1, 1991 Film: Fujichrome 50
I wandered around in the snow on top of this high plateau while a chilling fog drifted through the trees. One of the beautiful aspects of this world is that we all see things so differently. What is child's play to one person is another's Van Gogh. This image is quite popular, and for different reasons to different souls, as people read symbolism into the relationship between the two most prominent trees. One person saw them as the grandmother and the grandchild. Maybe the two trees represent the passage of time, as once upon a time the tree that is now dead was young and growing like the tree in the foreground. Maybe the smaller tree represents the health and strength we have today as opposed to the fate that little by little grows upon all of us. Or do the trees have a moral representation, such as standing true and strong as opposed to falling by the wayside?
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