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Bishops Vs. Knights
Knights Are Worth More Than Bishops!
How to Use a Chess Clock: How to Pace Yourself
A. J. Windless achieves a new rating high on of 2046 putting him in the top 99.9 percentile. 
For over 15 years I have really struggled with my game but over the last year I have been finding the source of my struggles. The website "" recently ranked me at the 99.9 percentile (bottom right corner of the image above) which would put me in the top 1 per 1000 active players.
Coming Soon: Chess Problems to Improve Your Game
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I started playing chess when I was 8 years old. My father took us to his company Christmas party held at the local theater. We all watched a movie and afterwards we were given presents. Mine was a chess set. I took it home read the instructions and got my 5 year old sister to play with me. My older brother, Dan, came over and asked, "Hey, what are you guys doing?" And when I told him he retorted, "That isn't how you play!" He took the set, read the instructions, and began playing games with Paul. They refused to show me how to play, deflecting me with, "You're too young, you won't understand!" I kept insisting that they show me how to play until finally they did, and thus were the seeds of a serious brotherly rivalry sown. Being 5 and 6 years younger than my brothers I started out on the bottom of the totem pole, but I wouldn't stay there. By the time I reached 9th grade I was winning the family games more often than not. The rivalry made good players out of all of us. Paul attended a trade school in Johnstown and won a tournament there. Daniel went to St. Vincent's College and took 3rd place in a tournament there. I went to a four year high school. It was during my freshman year that they started the chess club. We never had a team that played against other schools, but we did have a tournament at the end of the year. I wanted to win that tournament very badly, but my self esteem was so low that I felt a need to pray ferventlly every day so that I would feel worthy to win. I don't know whether praying had anything to do with it, but at least it gave me confidence and I did go on to win the tournament and become the school champion. My sophomore year I won the tournament again, but my junior year they decided not to have a tournament. Then my senior year they had two tournaments and I won both of them. In my four years of high school play I never lost a game and had only one draw, which was against my best friend, Pete Meier. We were first and second in the chess club, and as luck would have it we were first and second in the two mile run as well. Peter would later tell me that the reason they had no tournament my junior year is because they figured I would just win it again anyway. Then they decided to have two tournaments my senior year so that someone else would have a better chance of winning at least one of the tournaments. That would have worked better if they had made the winner of the first tournament ineligible to play in the second tournament, (or they could have given out trophies for second and third place, though no one, including myself, got trophies.)
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