A. J. Windless
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Honey locust turn bright yellow while mirrored windows reflect the clouds.
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Autumn in the City
October 15, 2014   f/22   1/30 sec
A friend of mine used to work for Delta and could fly free anywhere Delta went. So he was always interested in what flights I took and what cities I routed through. When I told him I returned through Pittsburgh he told me that he thought that Pittsburgh was ugly. I begged to differ with him and we even went back and forth about it. I guess he didn't see the same Pittsburgh I did.  smiley
Having arrived at the Pittsburgh airport, I had my first view of the metropolis just before sunset as I emerged from the tunnel on the opposite side of river. That was a photo I desperately wanted. Unfortunately there was nowhere to pull over. I turned around and went back a couple of times, but couldn't find the perfect spot to compose the image from. If you have a drone and you live in Pittsburgh, perhaps you can capture it for us!
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