Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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A beam of setting sunlight cuts through the clouds to illuminate a mountainside of fall colors in the Wasatch Mountains.
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Autumn Beam of Sunlight
As a nature photographer I would undoubtedly travel the entire world if I had unlimited resources. My experiences would always be fresh and I could keep discovering and exploring new places. As a common person of meager circumstances, however, I must have a permanent place to rest my pillow, and on a regular basis I can only radiate out so far from my anchor to the earth. In that respect, I was blessed to have lived in Utah for so many years, where there is more variety for my photography there than anywhere else I have ever been. But even with all that variety, sometimes I felt reluctant to go back to the same places I had already traversed two dozen times before. It was difficult not to feel like, "What am I going to see here that I haven't already seen?" or "What can I possibly capture on film that I haven't already carptured?" If some of you are photographers and you have had those same feelings, this page emphatically answers that question. It is the third page of three photographs that were taken from the same spot on three different occasions. Even one minute can make a huge difference in how beautiful a photograph looks, and returning on diffrent days, at different times, and even different seasons may give you an image that is altogether diffrent from the first one you etched in your camera. Never hesitate, never fear, there will always be inspiring photographs to capture, and as long as you are looking and surrendering your soul to the work, you will notice angles and ideas you previously had never even thought of.
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