Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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A bigtooth maple stand atop the hill amidst waves of fall colors.
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Standing Atop the Hill
September 29, 1993  Film: Fujichrome 50
In the east where I grew up all the hills and the soil were pretty similar from one place to the next. The maples, oaks, and birch usually mixed together pretty well, and so your fall colors usually mixed together pretty evenly as well. One of the first things I noticed when I began photographing the fall colors in the western mountains, is that because of the drastic difference in soil and water (especially melting snow pack) the fall colors often came in distinct patterns. Notice here how the yellow and green strip of aspen trees cut right through the middle of the orange and red maple trees. Take special notice, as well, of how fine the wild grasses are in front of this maple tree. I brought this image into photoshop to clean little specks of dust off from the digital scan of the original film, which I did by hand, speck by speck. But I made no changes of any kind to anything else, this photo is exactly as recorded by the camera.
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