This photo is the banner for the true story "200 Rabbits Keep Me Running" by A. J. Windless.
200 Rabbits Keep Me Running
One beautiful Sunday morning my mother brought home two pink-eyed baby white rabbits, Easter presents for my sister and I. They were the perfect. We delightfully held them, hugged them,  loved them. It was my dad, though, that decided to pick up the idea and run with it. First he bought a few rabbits old enough to breed, and then he bought a few more. He began selling the meat to a local grocery store (have you ever seen rabbit meat for sale in a grocery store?) It wasn't long before mom's simple Easter present had exploded into 200 pairs of long furry ears, most of them housed in the double decker row of pens we built on the extra wooded lot that we had next to our house. In the morning before school it was my job to feed them. That meant that in the winter time I had to break the ice out of all of their water dishes. Some days it was so cold that the water had frozen all the way through so I would have to bring the cans into the garage and let them thaw until the edges melted and the ice would fall out. In the meantime if I was running late I had to watch for the school bus. Our rabbit pens were on top of the hill that our house sat on, and on the opposite hill there was only one curve  where the road was visible. If I saw the big yellow bus coming around that curve I had to sprint the 220 yards down our community driveway. Oh, I wasn't going to out sprint the bus which only had to go about the same distance I did, but the driver knew how many kids he expected to pick up at our stop and most of the time he could see me running down the hill and would wait for me. I have to chuckle, though, no wonder I did so well on the track team when I got to high school.
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