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This water fall fails to reach the bottom as it has so far to fall that even a slight breeze carries it away as mist. 
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Drifting Away
This water fall would be world famous if it were an everyday landmark, but it is a mere shooting star, showing up briefly when just the right amount of rainfall hits just the right place miles upstream. I have been to Zion Canyon at least 30 times and have graced it's beauty but this once. The walls here are about 2,000 feet high, this image capturing only the upper half. At its origin you can see that the water is coming out in a pretty strong turrent. Notice along the top edge of the cliff, almost half way across the misty section, you can just barely make out a full grown pine tree. The turrent of water coming out of the slot in the wall is as wide as that pine tree.  Where I am standing there is a slight breeze blowing at about 10 miles per hour, yet the water has so far to fall that in its long journey down it is all being gently persuaded away. What does not evaporate away like a cloud in the breeze forms a second tier at the bottom right, completely dislocated from its original course. Except as a light mist, hardly any of the water completes the full journey to the ground. In all my years, and in all my travels, only on this solitary occasion have I witnessed the complete relocation of a waterfall.
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