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Twice the Beauty
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Twice the Beauty
Two of the girls promoting PTT at the 2011 Thailand International Motor Expo. This was actually the first photo I took when I walked in the door, yet nine years later as I redesign and streamline this gallery it still stands, but only after I spent five hours photoshopping. Many of you have wondered if I photoshop my images and some of you think that my images couldn't be this beautiful unless I "created" them in photoshop. The answer is that for 95% of my landscape photos I do very minimal photoshopping, and by that I mean that I crop almost every image, do perhaps a slight exposure adjustment and a small bump in color. I try to keep things like color adjustments within the bounds of what I feel is believable. I once paged through a book where the photographer said that all of his colors were real and in case you didn't believe it, he explained that what made his color so outstanding was the special lighting and his perfect timing. He probably stated the truth, but his editor destroyed the integrity of his work with a total exaggeration of his colors. I have photographed the same places he did in every kind of light for 30 years and I know what reality is, and so I know his colors were way oversaturated, something you find a lot in both books and on the internet. I said that for 95% of my photos I do very minimal photoshopping. There have been exceptions wherein I spent many hours photoshopping. These girls are incredibly beautiful but I did not have the advantage of a studio and had to photograph them "as is". At the motor shows I get all kinds of crazy light and tons of people competing for the same photos making much of my work very difficult. I have had this photo on my website for nine years and every time I looked at it the the shadows behind the girls bothered me. So today while I was going through and bringing some of my pages up to date I decided once and for all to take those shadows out of this image. Once I got started I couldn't help but want to touch up a few other things as well. I'm not an expert at photoshopping, so I do everthing manually, sometimes painting in pixel by pixel, add to that I am a perfectionist, which explains why it took me 5 hours. In my nature photography about the most I usually do is perhaps remove a small piece of litter from the beach. If an image needs much more than that, I usually just find another photo that I like equally as well that doesn't need any work. Like I said there are a few exceptions. One is "Quiet Morning" (click here). Here rather than use a panorama camera I did many takes and then tried to stitch them together in Photoshop. Photoshop did a terrible job of bringing the edges together, so I worked on the photo for about two weeks painting in and fixing the gaps, often one pixel at a time.
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