Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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As the Storm Breaks
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As the Storm Breaks
March 16, 1998  Film: Fujichrome 50
For fifteen years I watched the sunsets develop. Every evening I kept my eye on the clouds and tried to determine whether or not I thought we would have a beautiful sunset. If the sky looked promising I hopped in my truck and raced off  to some location I thought might give me an exceptional photograph. Sometimes I would also hike for an hour, but trying to predict a sunset an hour in advance greatly reduces your chances of success, so plan on enjoying the hike whether the colors paint out or not. The last light is always warm, and as it strikes the clouds they will glow with beautiful colors. The question is whether or not you will be able to see these colors. If you are behind the clouds they must be thin enough that you can see the colors shine through them. If the sun is setting in front of you and thick clouds are behind you,  the sunlight must have a clear path to the clouds and you must be able to see the areas that the light is illuminating. In the photo above, for example, there are many areas the sunlight cannot get to. These areas will remain gray, or blue, or dark. I lived near the Great Salt Lake and as hard as I tried, almost every time I got to a great location prepared to shoot, thick clouds would appear on the horizon during the last few minutes blocking out all of the light and thrwarting my attempts to capture anything worth while. The photo above is one of those rare exceptions where everything went right and all the pieces fell in place.
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