Silent Nature and A. J. Windless
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Close up of Desert Paintbrush
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Splash of Color
April 1, 1992   Film: Kodachrome 64
In the desert where everything is dry and relatively lifeless, it is the spring flowers that bloom forth with a splash of color. This image was photographed with the lense 2 inches from the foremost flower, using a 28 mm macro lense. People have asked me if the center of these flowers are prickly. No, they are not, and there certainly isn't anything adversarial about these blossoms. Note: I have noticed that some computer screens, or even some programs, will have difficulty getting the color correct on this image, as the reds may bleed together into large blotches. I use an i-Mac and have had the monitor calibrated with professional software. (Desert or Eastern Paintbrush, Canyonlands, Utah.)
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