A. J. Windless
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Photo of the orchard and barn beneath the magnificent red rock cliffs of Capitol Reef.
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For My Horse
March 21, 1994  Film: Kodachrome 64
I have already put in my order. I have told the Lord that when I die I want to live on a farm exactly like this. What's so exciting about it is that there are enough places for everyone as long as people don't get greedy and try to take away their neighbor's homes. And you can have any kind of retirement home you like, whether it's a bamboo hut on a tropical beach, or a plush high rise unit in the clouds surrounded by other people. All of this, and the only requirement is that you must have a proper residency permit before you can pass through the pearly gates. This document will not be written on a piece of paper but stamped indelibly into your memory throughout a lifetime of actions.  Paradise is such a incredibly beautiful and peaceful place. To keep it that way you might say they have certain  community standards to uphold. Whether or not you are admitted depends on what kind of a person you are. It simply wouldn't be heaven at all if they allowed selfish and harmful people to enter and turn their lives into a living hell.
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