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Mt. Ranier Sunsrise
Mt. Rainier Sunrise
As I showed this photo to a friend of mine he taught me a pilot's lesson. "See those clouds there? Do you know what kind of clouds they are? They are "lenticular" clouds and they bend with the shape of the mountain because there are high winds going across the top of that mountain. As pilots we are taught to stay away from those kind of clouds." I captured this image about one year after I began taking nature photography seriously and pursuing it with a passion. One year's experience wasn't enough. I can see now what an amateur I still was. I didn't realize that the foreground, because it was in the shadows while the mountain was in the sun, would not turn out the way it looked to my naked eye. Instead it turned out black. I was using film and did not have today's luxury of looking at a monitor on the back of my camera to see how the photo came out. I also shot the picture according to the frame limitations of the camera rather than shooting wide and cropping it later. As a result I focused on the mountain and left out most of the pink cloud hovering above the mountain. As I look at this image now I would like to see what the rest of that cloud looks like. That was thirty years ago, and I am still learning every day. There is so much more I could do if I really knew what I was doing.
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