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Call the Firemen
I had seen porcupines all my life. On one trail in Immigration Canyon that we frequented quite often I had to constantly warn Tecumseh to stay away from them. But all this time I had never seen one in a tree before and I was quite surprised when I looked up and saw this one high in the branches. In the U.S. we often talk about "the cat stuck in grandma's tree" and say that she will have to call the firemen to come and get it down. My thinking here is that a porcupine is a lot less agile than a cat and it appears he has reached the end of the road. What do  you think of the look on his face? Does he appear stuck? Should we call the firemen? What kind of gloves should they use? And for sure the fireman will not want to cuddle him into his face. (Zion National Park)
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